11 March, 2008

Spinning Yarns

14 to 1? Can that be right?

A dear dominant friend of mine who inscribes his perspective in a fine web log told me a while back that in all the vastness of the blogosphere entries originating from the dominant pole of BDSM are comparatively rare. Intrigued, I undertook a methodically unscientific survey of submissive-to-dominant blog ratios and can affirm my friend's assertion to the surprising tune of about 14 blogs authored by submissives for every one put out by a dominant.

Are we, the supposed active half of a power exchange, really that taciturn? Or even torpid?

Should someone care to look into this glaring imbalance in a more considered and rigorous manner I would be pleased to be found in error. In the meantime I offer this recording of my monomania as a small corrective, for while I have been taciturn with respect to my public participation in BDSM I have been writing about it - in essays, correspondence, photographic commentary, aesthetic analysis and many another way - for decades.

Several years ago a faculty member at a large mid-western American university scarfed my email from a list and spammed me a request for insight on the perv nation for a paper she was preparing. I fell for her solicitation and we corresponded for months, with her gently stewarding the exchange and me staying up nights Babbitting like I knew something. In consequence an academic monograph elaborating some of my inchoate kinky antics is lodged somewhere in a prairie library, mostly for the delectation and delight of corn-fed students of social deviance, but where no one else is likely to ever lay eyes on it. I'll start RSE with some slightly retooled excerpts from that lengthy exchange.

May you be edified, if not corn-fed.

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