11 April, 2008

Comity vs. Demagoguery

A canny contextualization of the Eliot Spitzer fracas appears in this morning's New York Observer. I was moved to make the following riposte:

Calculating political ledger balances and earnest pieties about children and families miss, I think, an important point - that in 21st c. America a toxic synthesis of legalism and puritanism has been weaponized, and even its engineers cannot contain its effects.

My heart does not bleed for Spitzer, Vitter, Gingrich, Haggard, Clinton, Baker, Foley, Swaggert, Chenoweth, Schlessinger and all the other zealots and demagogues who have been water-boarded in their own War on Nature. For the rest of us just being left unmolested by self-righteous busybodies and eagerly metastasizing bureaucracies to interact simply, peacefully and prosperously as a common weal has become the new political ideal.

As it is most of the worst offenders walk or ride out the du jour factor in scandals.


M.Yu said...

Well put Mac. I know what you mean.
I wish I could articulate that well.
May I repost part with a link?

Mac K. said...

You're very kind to say so, M., and I'm honored that you'd like to spread it around. By all means please do.

BTW, M's course offerings in rope or attendant subjects are not to be missed; I can't recommend him highly enough for style, substance and a generous suffusion of surf-conditioned sincerity.